#1 How far now ? - Reggio Emilia - Fotografia Europea

How far now?


The new via Roma inhabitants come from other Countries and are sent to the hotel. They don’t know anything about the city they landed in till someone puts in their hands a disposable camera to take a look around. They got here thanks to their cell phones whom GPS helped them out through deserts and seas, but this time they can’t use them to shoot repeatedly. They need to choose what’s worth to preserve before the lm ends, understand what will be important before they’re able to look at it again. Sometimes it’s too late to realize it was worth shooting a pair of white socks under the bed. The selection process is erce and only the strongest pictures pass the border of getting published.

The new via Roma inhabitants don’t know if they will leave, but meanwhile they wait on the road for something to happen. Some of them help the old inhabitants to plant tomatoes in an everybody and nobody’s vegetable gar- den, without questioning themselves if they will see ripen the red fruits when summer will come. Others discover the museum where they see again the savannah big cats for free. After all, Reggio Emilia is a safe city and only one of the new inhabitants has been attacked in the city centre because he shoot a woman at random. Since then, they all hang around with a shooting license, waiting for someone that gives them also the permission to stay.

A lot of people got through via Roma, in extraordinary circumstances, and at least fteen of them left a mark of having been there. A mark of having been there even if soon or late they will all send them who knows where.

“How far now?” is a project which has been curated by the french-italian photographers Ilaria Crosta and Niccolò Hebel during their artist residen- ce held in Reggio Emilia between 2016 and 2017. During two workshops, some young refugees guests at Hotel City realized pictures of the city to plan a fanzine and a photography exhibit during Fotogra a Europea -Circuito O of via Roma. Today the neighborhood represents a lab, where the inhabitants get the possibility to transform their usual area through art.

Irene Russo


Project coordination : Ilaria Crosta&Niccolò Hébel 

Photo : Yusuf Ahmed, A.B. Aigbe, Davison Aigebed, Lucky Alspede, Bright Amos, Gabriel Anthony, Star Boy, Ilaria Crosta, Timothy Danquah, Felix, Niccolò Hébel, John Iyona, Kelly, Vincent Michael, Osas Gomez Uwadia, Rael, Victor William, Destiny Williams.


#2 How far now ? - Trieste - Trieste Film Festival 

HOW FAR NOW? Cavò -Trieste Film Festival 


Photographic exhibition born from the project of “participatory photography” coordinated by Niccolò Hébel and Ilaria Crosta. Trieste told through the photos of Fahran Shabbir, Obaidul Haqk, Ali Zahid and Rekan Zrar Sedeeq. A project organised in collaboration with ICS - Consorzio Italiano di Solidarietà and associazione Andandes.